Dog Training Day School

Would you love to have your dog professionally trained, but can’t bear the thought of sending him away to school?

At our dog training day school, we’ll train your dog while you work!

Drop your dog off for a day of intensive training, socialization, and exercise and take him home at the end of the day.

We’ll train your dog during the week and then train your family to maintain the training on the weekend.

Intensive training without missing your dog!

We’ll Teach Your Dog To:

  • Sit and stay politely at the door until released whether you’re coming home from work, paying for pizza delivery, or bringing in groceries
  • Sit politely to greet people without jumping, nipping or other obnoxious behavior
  • No longer counter surf or chew up anything but dog toys
  • Walk politely by your side on leash without pulling
  • Lay on his mat or dog bed while you eat dinner or have guests who don’t enjoy dogs
  • Happily sit still for grooming and vet care
  • Reliably respond to commands like sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, and drop-it.
  • Any custom goals that you have in mind

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The Training Tracks Difference: Family-Centered Training

We don’t expect you to train like a pro or spend hours and hours practicing with your dog. Our training programs are built from the ground up to meet busy families’ practical real-world needs:

  • Custom Programs: We’ll get to know you and design a program that meets your family’s specific needs. 
  • Beyond obedience commands: Trainers love precise obedience, but families need default manners and behaviors so that your dog doesn’t get in trouble in the first place
  • Realistic environments: We have kitchens and living room areas set up in our training centers to practice the skills your dog needs like staying off counters and tables, not begging at the table, politely greeting visitors at the door, and not harassing you when you watch TV.
  • Intensive Lifetime Support:  We’ll train your whole family in maintaining your dog’s behavior. We’ll give you in person lessons, but we’re also available by phone, text, and even video conference to make sure you get the most out of your training. We’ll even keep your dog’s training sharp if you board with us or use our one-of-a-kind educational dog daycare
  • Kid Friendly: Kids as young as 7 or 8 can master our practical gentle training techniques, and we can teach you to make sure that your dog doesn’t overwhelm younger children.

How does it work?

  • We Get to Know You:  We’ll do a meet and greet to get a baseline of your dog’s behavior, determine your priorities, and design a custom in-home training plan that fits your lifestyle.
  • Written Agreement:  We’ll write up a training plan the describes exactly what to expect of the process and your dog’s behavior so that we all know what your dog will learn.
  • We Train Your Dog:  You’ll drop your dog off for a full or half day of intensive training and practicing real world skills at our training center.
  • We Train You:  At the end of each week, we’ll do a lesson just for you and your family.  We’ll train you to maintain and build upon what we taught your dog that week.

Why is it so fast?

Day school works so quickly because both you and your dog get to learn with a partner who knows what she’s doing. Our owners, Mel and Jeff, decided to start offering day training after – of all things – taking a dance class. We found that when we tried to learn new steps, we often tripped over each other and could seldom figure out what went wrong. The instructors, however, could take either one of us and teach us to do the step perfectly in just a few seconds. Because the steps were second nature to the instructors and because they had taught hundreds of people to dance, they could stop our mistakes before we made them and make it all seem easy.

Dog training, like dancing, is a mechanical skill. When a novice owner and an untrained dog work together, they tend to confuse each other. In day training, your dog gets to learn from an expert trainer, who – like our dance instructors – can guide him past any mistake so that he learns very quickly. When it’s your turn to learn the exercises, you get the benefit of working with a dog who already knows what to do. It makes learning faster, easier, and more fun for both of you.

Your Dog’s Home-Away-From-Home

Training Tracks provides a home-away-from home for our clients’ pets with programs designed by animal behavior experts to meet dogs’ physical, emotional, and behavioral needs in a safe, loving, home-like environment through every stage of life. When your dog finishes training, they become eligible for our unique Stay’n”Play educational dog daycare to maintain their training and can even board with us in a home environment when you travel.

We treat our clients, their dogs, and our staff like family. That means that we have very low turnover both of staff and clients, so your dog can count on seeing old human and canine friends every time he visits.

Great Staff to Dog Ratio: We have a maximum of 5 dogs per professional trainer. We also have care staff who care for and exercises the dogs in small groups when they’re not training.