Tater, the aggressive deaf rescue dog

Tater was our bad little deaf rescue puppy. He barked at everything that passed our window. He pulled us down the street while he chased everything with four wheels, two legs or four paws. Tater would come home from walks with back pockets in his mouth.

This was our first dog and we needed help. Training Tracks came highly recommended with special experience in training deaf dogs. They knew how to handle our special needs puppy. With only a few sessions, Tater began to respond amazingly. We now enjoy peaceful walks. Tater can watch a passing bus and think nothing of it. He used to have issues with almost any person who was not his Mom or Dad. No longer. He is much more obedient and much less of a worry. Training Tracks offered many tips and tricks that all seemed to make so much sense. They had an answer for everything and it all worked! Tater is now such a joy.

Our training paid for itself now that we don’t have to pay for ripped pants every couple of days.

Misty and Jordan BroughCincinnati, OH