Weezer, the terrier who terrorized the grandchildren

When we brought Weezer home from the shelter, he had an unfortunate habit of nipping hard enough to draw blood. This was unacceptable around my grandchildren (ages 8 months, and 4, 8 and 9 years). The nine year old lives with me, and the others visit frequently, so I called the shelter and made arrangements to return Weezer. However, I’d heard of good results with board and train, and decided to try that before giving up on Weezer.

Training Tracks has been wonderful with him—no more biting! Jeff and Mel kept him for two weeks, and then came to the house for training visits with myself and my family. They have turned Weezer into a dog that is generally obedient, walks on leash easily, comes when called, waits quietly while his food is prepared, even rings a bell when he wants to go out, but most importantly, has been safe with my grandchildren. He still has his wonderful bouncy terrier personality, and clearly adores both Mel and Jeff, so I know their methods are gentle. They really seem to be miracle workers, and I am very appreciative of their service. Maintaining training does take time and dedication on the part of myself and my family, but the outcome has been well worth it.

Liz LedbetterMonroe, OH