We Are So Glad We Found Training Tracks

We are so glad we found Training Tracks when we got our Affenpinscher from the shelter. Mel worked to help her overcome her incredible shyness, and each month she comes around a little more. She now even jumps on the couch to cuddle up next to me! Thanks, Mel! You were fantastic.

First-Time Dog Owner

As a first time dog owner with a high-energy puppy, I had/have A LOT to learn – Mel has been an invaluable resource in getting both pup and owner on the right track! We did both private sessions and the Basic Obedience class and can’t wait to do another class in the future! Not only did we learn basic commands, but I was able to find a way to deal with my pup’s crazy energy that used to come out in lots of jumping/puppy nipping/attention-seeking as well as how to help teach him impulse-control (lifesaver!). We’ve gotten many compliments on Cowboy’s polite demeanor in public and it’s all thanks to Training Tracks!

We’re thrilled with our results!

We definitely appreciated your approach to things. You’re a really good communicator. You have a way of expressing concepts that makes the dog’s perspective easier to grasp. Quite honestly, you were the first trainer we talked with that we all felt we could follow, and we’re thrilled with the results.

Mel and Jeff taught us how to bring out the best in our dog.

Training Tracks did wonders for our energetic blue heeler mix. She went from a timid, excitable puppy to a well-behaved dog with confidence. Mel and Jeff taught us how to bring out the best in our dog. We had no idea how much potential she had! As owners, we were taught how to solve behavior problems by breaking down training into mini-steps. Our dog absolutely loved the classes, and we’re not sure who learned more, she or us!

Nipping aggression in the bud

Fantastic! I was referred to Training Tracks by my vet for aggression issues with my puppy. Jeff did in-home training sessions with our entire family to teach us how to minimize this behavior. He is extremely knowledgeable with positive-reinforcement training methods and my puppy responded very well. It was money well spent. I highly recommend Training Tracks!

I was so pleased with our experience that I returned again and again for advanced training.

I brought my 8 week old puppy to Training Tracks at the recommendation of my vet. I was a new dog owner, terrified and annoyed and wondering if my hyperactive, mouthy puppy was normal. The folks at TrainingTracks helped me and my dog transform from a newbie pair to a happy team! I was so pleased with our experience in the puppy class that I returned again and again for more advanced training classes, and now my dog is a Canine Good Citizen and works as a therapy dog in my psychotherapy practice. Everyone who meets her remarks on how well-behaved she is!

Jeff and Mel are incredible trainers and very personable.

My husband and I highly recommend Training Tracks! We initially met Jeff through a local animal shelter and then started in-home training sessions with our first dog for some behavioral problems. Both Jeff and Mel are incredible trainers and are very personable. Their positive-reinforcement approach is very rewarding for both the person and the dog. When we got our second dog we continued with basic training classes at the West Chester location and were very happy with those as well. I would recommend, and have recommended, Training Tracks to many friends!

Training Tracks has truly been a lifesaver for us.

Our dog, Lily, has been somewhat of a challenge from the beginning. As a rescue puppy, she was immediately a beloved member of our family, but we quickly noticed that she had more energy than most any dog we have ever come across. So, being excited new parents and looking for a way to rein her in at times, we enrolled her in Training Tracks’ puppy class. The results were incredible.

And, when we ran into a rough patch with her after a traumatic period in our lives, we were able to get her right back on track with the help of Training Tracks. Lily is so very important to us and has become such a wonderfully well-behaved dog. We have Training Tracks to thank for that. Without their help, I don’t know how we would have done it. Training Tracks has truly been a lifesaver for us.

Mel and Jeff are serious about their work, but make training fun.

Our rescue dog had some serious behavior problems. We hesitated to use Training Tracks because we didn’t understand what clicker training was. We are so glad we did not let that stop us because we ended up loving the positive reinforcement approach and found it to be very effective. Mel and Jeff are not only great at training dogs but wonderful at helping the humans understand the reasons behind the technique so you can apply it at home and in unanticipated situations. Before going to Training Tracks, I was afraid of my dog but thanks to Training Tracks, our dog is now happy and rather charming and we can enjoy having him as one of the family. I highly recommend Training Tracks. Vet recommended. Mel and Jeff are serious about their work but make it fun and are very pleasant people.

Dusty quickly transformed from a frightened shelter dog to a confident and obedient companion!

I adopted Dusty, a shy and anxious Shetland Sheepdog, from a local rescue shelter in Ohio. Despite his good qualities, Dusty had many behavioral problems. He was terrified of men and other dogs. In addition, he ignored many basic commands.

Training Tracks played a critical role in Dusty’s development into a well-behaved companion. Using positive reinforcement and specific training techniques, Dusty quickly transformed from a frightened shelter dog to a confident and obedient companion. Jeff and Mel shared their expertise and extensive training experience to encourage Dusty’s development. Their dog training tips were priceless! Within weeks, Dusty mastered many basic skills and continued to learn more. One of the most rewarding aspects of the Training Tracks experience was the enhanced bond between Dusty and me. Through our weekly lessons and practice time, Dusty and I grew to truly trust and love each other.