Puppy HeadStart Training


Group Classes are temporarily unavailable

For the safety of our clients and our staff, we have made the difficult to decision to suspend indoor group classes until we feel that we can do them safely. We hope to resume group classes in March of 2022.

Looking for COVID-safe group learning and socialization opportunities for your dog? Check out our Puppy Training Day School if your puppy is under the age of five months or our Dog Training Day School for dogs over five months of age. We offer safe and convenient pick up and drop offs at both our Oxford and West Chester locations, enroll your dog today!

Your New Puppy Wants Puppy HeadStart Training!

Includes 4 paws,needle sharp teeth, & deluxe mischief package
Socialization and Manners Not Included

During a puppy’s critical first 4 months we can:

  • Teach obedience and manners quickly and easily
  • Stop bad habits before they start
  • Prevent serious problems like aggression, fear, and separation anxiety
  • Easily instill manners that will last a lifetime

Puppies don’t grow out of problems like jumping, nipping, and chewing. They grow into them. Start puppy training now while it’s still easy!

It’s never too early to start puppy training and socialization. Puppies as young as 8 weeks can start training at our West Chester and Oxford dog training centers, and they learn quickly. You’ll be amazed to see a room full of puppies working obediently — some off-leash — by the third or 4th week of puppy training class.

Puppy HeadStart covers:


  • Puppy house training
  • Solving problems like jumping, play biting, destructive chewing, barking, and pulling on leash
  • Introduction to obedience commands including sit, down, come, & leave it
  • Puppy socialization to develop a stable, well-balanced dog
  • Training methods so easy and gentle that even young kids can do it
  • How dogs think and learn

Puppy Class Options

The Great Start Package
Our standard puppy training package includes an in-home private lesson and our Puppy Headstart group class. One of our trainers will come to your home to create a custom house training plan as well as teach you how to properly start crate training, prevent door dashing, and prevent destructive chewing before it starts.

Prerequisites: None
Cost: $245


Puppy HeadStart

Puppy HeadStart is an open enrollment puppy training class with flexible scheduling designed to make sure that you master the skills taught rather than with a set time frame. We have openings every week at West Chester, and every other week at the Oxford area location. The course can last anywhere from 6-10 weeks depending on your progress.

Prerequisites: 10 days in your home and current vaccinations
Cost: $155

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