Our Process

Solving serious behavior problems in dogs like aggression, separation anxiety, and fearfulness requires developing a custom training plan tailored not just to your dog’s problems, but also to your family’s needs. We perform a thorough evaluation of each dog in his home environment and design a plan that works for everyone involved. When you schedule a consult, you can expect:

Step 1 of Our Process

We send you a detailed behavior history form and ask you to complete and return it to us before your appointment

Step 2 of Our Process

We come to your home or wherever the problem occurs for approximately 90 minutes. We review the dog’s history and perform a systematic evaluation of his behavior. Once we have evaluated your dog we will sit down and explain to you the nature and severity of the problem, the amount of improvement you can expect from behavior modification, and an estimate of the amount of work required to solve the problem. If your dog’s behavior poses a danger to him or to others, we’ll discuss the precautions necessary to keep everyone safe. We will then teach you the first set of training exercises.

Step 3 of Our Process

Within a few days of your appointment, we will send you a detailed custom training plan laying out precisely how we recommend addressing your dog’s behavior. It includes an explanation of the nature of your dog’s problems, step-by-step training instructions, supplementary handouts on training exercises, a detailed safety plan (if applicable), and your options for follow-up training.

Step 4 of Our Process

We send a written report to your veterinarian, who may follow-up with you if she suspects that medical factors play a role in the behavior problem. If you were not referred to us by your veterinarian, we strongly recommend contacting her about your issue in addition to scheduling a consult with us.

Step 5 of Our Process

We keep in close touch via phone and email to assist you in implementing the training plan.