Let the tri-state’s premier animal behavior experts design a fast, fun, effective training program for your dog!

Struggling with an out of control dog?

Dealing with serious behavior problems like aggression, separation anxiety, or shyness?

We can help! 

Whether you’re looking for advanced off-leash obedience, help with severe issues like aggression and separation anxiety, or just to solve simple problems – like jumping, play biting, destructive chewing, or pulling on leash – our certified professionals will help you reach any training goal!  We can train your dog with you or for you.  We’ll even come train him while you’re at work!  We offer a full range of services including group classes, custom in-home training, Total Immersion Board & Train in a trainer’s home, and behavior consultations for serious problems.

Trust the Behavior Professionals Recommended by Veterinarians & Other Experts

In addition to over 17 years of experience training thousands of dogs, our owners are nationally recognized leaders of the profession.  Jeff serves as the Chairman of the Board for the world’s largest association of animal behavior professionals, and both Mel and Jeff have played key roles in developing standards of education and certification for the industry.  We also train trainers and other animal professionals by lecturing, writing, and consulting for veterinary clinics and animal shelters on dog behavior.  Learn more.

Real World Family-Centered Training

We designed our training programs to solve regular pet owners’ real-life problems. We know what’s it like to train a dog in a busy family, and we know how to make it work.  We involve the whole family in training and even young kids get great results with our fast, fun, effective training techniques.  Learn more.

Call today, and let us design the perfect training plan for your dog!  The solution to your dog’s behavior problems is closer than you think.