Separation Anxiety

dog-separationSeparation anxiety is one of the trickier and least understood behavior problems in dogs. Its severity ranges from mild anxiety to a wild panic that leads dogs to injure themselves and engage in devastating destructive behaviors.

The barking, howling, house soiling, and destructive behavior associated with this condition can be extremely difficult to live with. Watching a beloved pet suffer and having no idea what to do can be even worse.

Don’t despair. We can help. We’ve solved countless separation anxiety problems through a proven systematic process that gets to the root of your dog’s anxiety.

Contact us today to schedule a consult. We’ll come meet your dog, evaluate his anxiety, and design a custom plan to help you help your dog overcome his fear of being home alone. Our expert behavior consultants will also be there to guide and support you as you implement the plan. Learn more about our process.


Target the Anxiety; Not the Behavior:

Punishing behaviors like barking and destructive chewing that so often accompany separation anxiety will likely make the problem worse. The key to solving this problem is overcoming the dog’s fear, which involves a very different skill set than obedience training. Make sure to work with a qualified behavior professional.

Consult Your Veterinarian:

Your veterinarian should be a key player in dealing with any serious behavior problem. Medical problems can play a role in any form of anxiety and vets sometimes recommend medication to support behavior modification for separation anxiety.